Past project

High voltage cable laying

Client name: Tahmoor Colliery
Project value: $1 million
Contract period: 4 months

Background and scope

Tahmoor Colliery is an underground coal mine located in the Southern Highlands region of New South Wales. Simpson Earth was recommended to Tahmoor Colliery by West Cliff Colliery, as a preferred contractor for the last 36 years. 

The challenge

Laying a high voltage cable is a specialised job that requires immense patience and care. Our team was required to trench the cable through steep terrain, under the Sydney to Melbourne railway line and down through a creek gorge. To do this successfully, the cable needed to be encased in concrete underneath the water.

Our approach

Our team excavated 5km of the trench through hard sandstone, using our purpose-built rock saw to cut through the hard rock for the installation of a 66Kv high voltage cable. In addition to our quality rock-saws, we used D8 dozers and a range of excavators from 5 – 70 tonne, with purpose built cable sleds and trailers to continually lay and backfill the cable as the job progressed. 

A key environmental achievement on this project was diverting the trench around an endangered reptile’s habitat. 

The result

Our team successfully planned and executed on all deliverables set out by this challenging project. The client was able to successfully upgrade the air shaft to the colliery, which enabled the expansion of its underground mining operations.

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