Past project

West Cliff mine site
emplacement works

Client name: BHP Billiton
Project value: $3.5 million annual turnover
Contract period: TBA

Background and scope

BHP Billiton approached Simpson Earth with an opportunity to carry out all associated earthworks, including the management and handling of the coal wash emplacement area.

The challenge

All major earthworks needed to be carried out on-site, including the construction and maintenance of all dams, haul roads, clean water cut-off drains, and coal dump stockpile areas. Operations needed to be maintained 24/7 on the BHP mine site while ensuring the safety of our team and environmental considerations were at the forefront of our strategic planning.

Our approach

We developed and followed extensive OHS&E management plans and implemented detailed, safe work practices. Mindful of the surrounding environment, including Sydney water catchment areas, Simpson Earth designed and constructed clean water cut off drains to manage dirty water runoff.

To minimise the project’s impact on the environment, the natural bushland areas that were cleared and stripped in preparation for the coal wash placement were all re-utilised in the capping stages of the emplacement area to promote the natural regeneration of the environment.

The result

This project enabled BHP Billiton to continue its current mining production operations whilst meeting all environmental guidelines.

During this and many other projects, our commitment to the environment resulted in our team being selected as a winner for Environmental Sustainability in the Illawarra Coal Excellence Awards.

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