Past project

Resource recovery facility

Client name: Barca Metals
Project value: $4 million
Contract period: 9 months

Background and scope

Metal and recycling business Barca Metals’ plan for expansion included the development of their new resource recovery facility located southwest of Sydney. The facility would contain a state-of-the-art vehicle processing shredder, which would enable higher volumes of usable recycled materials to be produced from scrapped vehicles. 

Barca Metals needed a contractor they could work closely alongside to ensure each unique requirement of the project was met.

The challenge

Creating as much usable surface area as possible while sticking to a tight budget posed a significant challenge for the project. The environment proposed an additional challenge, as the site closely neighboured the Nepean River and shared a boundary with the Sydney to Melbourne railway corridor. 

Our approach

The original design for this project was to build retaining walls around the entire perimeter of the estate to provide maximum surface area for the development. This design proved too costly for the client. We worked closely with Barca Metals to devise a cost-efficient solution that would lower the project’s cost. We proposed to build steep stabilised batters and implement slope protection methods to support the batters from erosion, eliminating the need for retaining walls. 

We safely and effectively built up over 9m of fill whilst working directly opposite the neighbouring rail corridor. 

Works included 180,000m3 of cut to fill, the construction of a 2,500m3 capacity Bio-Retention basin, the placement of a 13m Stormceptor, down 6m into solid rock, the installation of deep stormwater lines throughout the site, the Construction of 120m long retaining wall for a warehouse pad, trimming and subgrade preparation for 85,000m2 of hardstand area.

Special measures were required to ensure all water runoff was contained and treated accordingly onsite. Our team created and implemented extra sediment and erosion control measures throughout the construction phase.  

The result

Our approach enabled the client to pursue the project at a much lower cost. Barca Metals was able to expand its business by building a new resource recovery facility on the site, which would inevitably increase the size of its business operations in the Greater Sydney region.

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