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Civil earthworks

Estates and road construction

We have the capabilities to successfully execute and manage residential and industrial estates and all other associated developments. We have expertise in land clearing, environmental and water management systems, bioretention basin systems, earthworks construction, road construction, stormwater drainage, fill importation and disposal, remediation works, landscaping and more.

Bulk earthworks

Necessary for all major construction projects, bulk earthworks demands specialist knowledge, machinery and experience. Simpson Earth’s quantity management team can assist our clients with consultation and planning regarding project design to optimise the use of all onsite materials. This can eliminate the need for import or export of materials, in turn providing significant cost savings to our clients.

Dam construction

An effective dam is a water storage structure that requires extensive design, survey and construction. Simpson Earth has carried out many large and small scale dam projects throughout various locations including, mine sites, civil earthworks sites and rural properties.
We take the time and care to ensure your dam is built to your specifications.

We can build any size and type of dam you require. This includes:

– Silt dams
– Tailings dams
– Filter dams
– Agricultural dams
– Retention basins
– Fresh water reservoirs
– Lagoons
– Small lakes

Detailed rock excavation

Our custom-built rock saws have the power and durability to cut through the highest MPa grades of rock. A variation of sizes allows the saws to cut to a range of depths and diameters, making them suitable for trenches and pits, strip footings, beam foundations and many other forms of detailed rock excavation.

When combined with our hammers and Vibra-rippers for breaking through rock and concrete quickly and precisely, there are no rock excavation challenges we can’t meet.

Quarry work

Simpson Earth can handle all your quarry needs. Stripping of overburden, ripping and hammering of hard sandstone. Extracting and stockpiling of blasted hard rock material ready for processing, crushing and screening.

We can build on site haul roads and construct new lay down areas for stockpiling and processing. Along with cleaning out silt dams and tailings dams and then rehabilitating your cleared areas.

Simpson Earth have developed new innovative ideas and equipment for extracting rock resulting in cost savings per tonne for the client.

Trenching and high voltage cable laying

When trenching and laying high voltage cables, precision and safety are paramount. A high level of management and training enables our team to work seamlessly with energy company engineers to ensure the job is carried out to the exacting standards required by legislation.

Whether it’s conducting a 560m/66KV cable drop for Integra Coal in the Hunter Valley region or assisting our neighbours at West Cliff Colliery with the preparation of the substation construction site, we are the trusted contractor of choice for executing this specialised work.

Breakwaters and beach rehabilitation

Breakwaters and seawalls require methodical planning, specialist engineering, equipment and highly skilled operators. Our excavators are equipped with specialised interchangeable attachments, which are tailor-made to handle breakwaters and beach rehabilitation. When conducting this type of work, safety and the environment are at the core of our decision making with our team directed by our safety and Environmental Management systems.

Land clearing and rehabilitation

Our land clearing service includes tree clearing, large tree pulverising and mulching, vegetation removal, landfill and site remediation.
We will ensure that your site is rehabilitated in such a way as to reinstate the natural land surface, promote rapid revegetation and prevent the initiation of soil erosion. Every effort is made to minimise the disturbance of surrounding vegetation and any visual impact.

Our rehabilitation management procedures have been publicly acknowledged as a winner for our submission for Stage 1 and 2 Coal wash Emplacement Rehabilitation in the Illawarra Coal Excellence Awards. 

Slope protection

Our measured approach to slope protection promotes the natural regeneration of the landscape. The re-use of existing vegetation on-site allows for a natural revegetation process. The rocks and trees are used to create natural pockets for native seeds to spawn. This reduces the effect of soil erosion and helps promote healthy regrowth.
Our team is continually devising new strategies to help maintain the natural landscape and make our processes as environmentally considerate as possible.

Other services

– Stormwater
– Sub-base preparation for hard stand areas
– Deep excavations for high rise apartments
– Engineering & surveying

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